Due to Logistics Management Solutions participation at the 15th International Fair Trade from Munchen, we had the opportunity to take part to the presentation of what we consider to be a great potential concept vehicle for a house expedition.

Iveco has presented its innovation project with a view to the transport of the future: Iveco Vision. The product consists of a fully-equipped, efficient and profitable delivery van that provides professionals with effective business solutions and is, in the same time, eco-friendly.

Iveco Vision features are optimized for urban deliveries, its improved space management making loading and unloading faster while safety is enhanced by minimizing the operator’s roadside movements.  Moreover, Iveco has developed adaptive solutions like multiple traction and real-time energy management.

The first working van to adopt the Dual Energy architecture, Iveco Vision allows a switch between full-electric and hybrid mode. This system, together with adaptive energy management, assures reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

If we add the great visibility and the adaptive human-machine interface as close as possible to a consumer electronics experience, we can easily get to the conclusion that, on urban routes as well as on intercity routes, Iveco Vision makes transportation smoother, safer and more effective than ever.

All in all, for Logistics Management Solutions the presentation made a clearer vision of how to increase the quality and productivity of a house of expedition.

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