The Ideal Partner for Transport


We are a young and dynamic team, our readiness, performance and professionalism being our trumps.

At the moment, we are capable of offering you the best solutions in the transport field the most competitive prices, personalised offers in accordance with your demands and assistance on the entire duration of the transport.

We offer the best price lists and the most convenient conditions of road, water and air transport, be it in full condition (FTL) or grouping (LTL), with deliveries under normal or urgent conditions.

Our team is dedicated to the needs of our clients! Everyday we strive to find the best solution for transport!

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS is a trustful partner, who creates competitional advantages for its clients.

General Cargo Transport

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS organises and offers efficient domestic and international cargo transport possibilities all over Europe.

Frigo Transport (controlled temperature)

We provide services of cool-storage transport, with controlled positive(+) or negative(-) temperature for the international as well as domestic routes.

Sea Transport

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS offers complete services of sea transport in either “door-to-door” or “free-on-board” (FOB) conditions.

ADR Cargo Transport (dangerous cargo)

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS offers reliable solutions for ADR cargo, both full and group transport, on domestic and international routes.

Cargo Transport in Grouping LTL (less than truck load)

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS offers domestic and international cargo  group transport for import and export. LTL (less than truck load)

Air Transport

We offer the possibility of cargo fast delivery through airway and arrival at destination in an efficient period of time.