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Un nou concept van: Iveco Vision

Participarea Logistics Management Solutions la cel mai mare targ de transport international de la Munchen, ne-a oferit ocazia sa asistam la prezentarea unui nou concept car cu un potential excelent pentru o casa de expeditie.

Iveco a lansat un proiect inovativ ce se incadreaza perfect in viziunea transportului de viitor. Este vorba despre un nou concept van complet echipat, eficient si profitabil ce le va asigura profesionistilor din domeniu solutii de business dintre cele mai competitive. Mai mult, noul Iveco Vision raspunde noilor tendinte prin a fi prietenos cu mediul inconjurator.

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A new concept vehicle by Iveco

Due to Logistics Management Solutions participation at the 15th International Fair Trade from Munchen, we had the opportunity to take part to the presentation of what we consider to be a great potential concept vehicle for a house expedition.

Iveco has presented its innovation project with a view to the transport of the future: Iveco Vision. The product consists of a fully-equipped, efficient and profitable delivery van that provides professionals with effective business solutions and is, in the same time, eco-friendly.

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Logistics Management Solutions present at the Transport Logistic Fair in Munchen may 2015

Logistics Management Solutions, through its representatives, participated together with more than 55 000 visitors from 124 countries and 2 050  exhibitors from 62 countries that showcased the world of logistics on the Messe München exhibition site, to the 15th International Trade Fair for Logistics, Mobility, IT and Supply Chain Management. 

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Logistics Management Solutions prezenta la targul Transport Logistic din Munchen, mai 2015

Logistics Management Solutions, prin reprezentantii sai, a participat la cel mai mare targ din domeniul transportului, desfasurat in mai anul acesta la Munchen, alaturi de peste 55 000 vizitatori din 124 tari si  2 050 expozanti din 62 tari care au expus lumea logisticii pe amplasamentul Messe Munchen.

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The largest container ship in the world!

MSC Oscar

Along time, it was not at all hard for the specialists in transports to realise that the price of the transport becomes smaller once the container ship becomes larger. 

The big transport companies speculated immediately the need and as a consequence, after while no later than November last year was launched the biggest container ship (CSCL Globe),  in January this year it was already established a new record in the naval transport field, MSC Oscar becoming world’s largest container ship, with a capacity of 19 224 TEU (20-foot equivalent unit). TEU is a rather inexact measurement of the cargo capacity usually used to describe the capacity of naval containers and it’s based on a volume of 6,1 m (20 foot) length and 2,44 m (8 foot) width, under the form of an intermodal container. 

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I-Shift Dual Clutch: innovation for comfort and safety!

Inspired by the racing world, Volvo Trucks introduces a premiere in the trucks industry: the new gearbox I-Shift Dual Clutch. We are talking about a new system, which stays out in the crowd through new features, but it is, in the same time, tested at large in millions of kilometres and day-to-day driving conditions. 

Practically, I-Shift Dual Clutch is an automatised gearbox with double clutch. With this solution the truck maintains its constant flux of speed and power during power shifting, moving efficiently and smoothly on the road. The result is a more comfortable, sure and efficient drive!

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The General Transport Master Plan was approved!

The General Transport Master Plan, published on the website of the Minister of Transport, is a document concerning the strategic development of transport infrastructure. It presents and offers the justification of the projects to be included in the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme 2014-2020, for financing from structural funds, as well as for projects included in Connecting Europe Facility Mechanism. Moreover, the General Transport Master Plan will offer the basis for projects that will be implemented after 2020, even though the precise nature of the financing programmes after this year is not yet defined. 

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Cea mai mare nava container din lume!

MSC Oscar

De-a lungul timpului, specialistilor din transporturi nu le-a fost greu sa isi dea seama ca pretul transportului este mai redus cu cat nava container este mai mare.

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I-Shift Dual Clutch: inovatie pentru confort si siguranta!

Inspirata din lumea curselor de automobile, Volvo Trucks introduce o premiera in industria de camioane: noua cutie de viteze I-Shift Dual Clutch. Vorbim despre un sistem nou, ce se remarca prin caracteristici inedite, insa este in acelasi timp indelung testat pe milioane de kilometri, in conditii de condus de zi cu zi.

Practic, I–Shift Dual Clutch este o cutie de viteze automatizata cu dublu ambreiaj. Cu aceasta solutie camionul isi mentine un flux constant de viteza si putere in timpul schimbarii vitezelor, deplasandu-se eficient si lin pe sosea. Rezultatul este o calatorie mai confortabila, sigura si eficienta!

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Master Planul General de Transport a fost aprobat!

Master Planul General de Transport (MPGT), publicat pe site-ul Ministerului Transportului, reprezinta un document strategic de dezvoltare a infrastructurii de transport . MPGT prezinta si ofera justificarea proiectelor ce vor fi incluse in Programul Operational Infrastructura Mare 2014-2020 pentru finantare din fonduri structural, precum si pentru proiectele incluse in Facilitatea Mecanismul de Interconectare a Europei. De asemenea MPGT va oferi baza si pentru proiectele ce vor fi implementate dupa anul 2020, desi natura precisa a programelor de finantare dupa acest an nu este inca definita.

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