This month, the Eurotunnel Group celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first junction of the French and English galleries. This first connection between the British Isles and continental Europe has since become the vital link we all know today.

On the occasion of the UN conference in Paris on climate change at the beginning of this month, Euronext announced that it selected the Eurotunnel company to be part of the new Low Carbon 100 Europe® index. Since the launch of its commercial service, le Shuttle, Eurotunnel has contributed to the reduction of almost 3.4 million tonnes of CO2, compared to the ferry, and since 2006, Eurotunnel has also reduced its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. greenhouse with 55%. Therefore, this decision is seen as a reward for the 25 years of continuous commitment to actions to support the environment.

The index measures the performance of the 100 largest companies in Europe with the lowest level of carbon emissions in their sector of activity. The selection is made following an in-depth evaluation of the carbon footprint of each company and is carried out by a Scientific Committee composed of experts from NGOs, public institutions and the financial sector.