Road transport

LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS organises and offers efficient domestic and international cargo transport possibilities all over Europe.

We are available with a varied offer of road transport.

Through our collaborators in the field, we are able to offer complete transport services as follows:

  • Export from Romania towards EU countries (including Switzerland and Norway)
  • Within Romania
  • Import towards Romania

We are also specialised on grouping lines with weekly departures from:

  • Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, UK, Ireland and the Scandinavian Countries: 3 departures per week;
  • Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain: 2 departures per week
  • Germany: 3 departures per week
  • France: 2 departures per week

We offer services for all types of cargoes:

  • general cargoes
  • dangerous cargoes (with ADR)
  • garments on hangers and in boxes
  • refrigerating goods, with controlled temperature
  • heavy cargoes and equipments
  • urgent and express cargoes
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LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS is at your disposal with a varied area of transport services: road (baffle clothed or container), sea and air.