Inspired by the racing world, Volvo Trucks introduces a premiere in the trucks industry: the new gearbox I-Shift Dual Clutch. We are talking about a new system, which stays out in the crowd through new features, but it is, in the same time, tested at large in millions of kilometres and day-to-day driving conditions. 

Practically, I-Shift Dual Clutch is an automatised gearbox with double clutch. With this solution the truck maintains its constant flux of speed and power during power shifting, moving efficiently and smoothly on the road. The result is a more comfortable, sure and efficient drive!

The constant power and torque flux offers a smoother and, in the same time, safer drive when going downhill, uphill and in any field conditions. It is mostly efficient on a road with lots of curves and bends and in towns, at the traffic lights and roundabouts! Moreover, it makes a big difference when transporting liquids or moving cargo, because it assures a smooth drive and less cargo movement. 

The fuel consumption is the same as with the simple I-Shift  and, moreover, the company offers two software packages for improving the fuel economy. 

I-Shift Dual Clutch answers, therefore, to the needs of all beneficiaries implied in the process of transport because it offers in the same time safety, handiness, economy and efficiency of transport, more attention for the cargo and a more comfortable and relaxant drive. 

This type of transmission was initially projected for very performant sport automobiles, and Volvo Trucks is the first company in the world to adapt this technology to heavy vehicles, reason for which it gained the prestigious european trophy Quality Innovation of the Year Award. 

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