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What to Look for in a Freight Forwarder?

Taking the right decision in choosing your logistic partner should consider at least these three very important aspects:

Firstly, you should search for a trustful partner that is able to be near you in every decision you take regarding your transportation need.

Secondly, you should search for a logistic team that can offer you the advantages of their experience and know-how and that can give you professional support in decision making on the whole transport itinerary. This includes the best transport- carrier possibilities, price, meeting embarkment/disembarkation deadlines.

Thirdly, your freight forwarder should be able to inform you continuously on the timings and the position of the truck on its whole itinerary.

Logistics Management Solutions makes sure you get the optimal solution concerning time, money and safety. We are a trustful, experienced team that makes sure you get the best out of your transportation requirements.

The Lithuanian government decided that state-owned transport companies shall be grouped together

The Lithuanian government decided that state-owned transport and transport related companies shall be grouped together. The transport holding company, founded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, will comprise Lithuanian Railways, Problematika, Smiltynes perkela, the Lithuanian Radio and Television Center, Detonas and the Lithuanian Post. However, in future, once the transport companies controlled by the ministry are reorganized into public companies, they will also be added to the new group. This change has as a main aim to provide reliable transportation and provide customers with the best solutions for transport and logistics.

Rimantas Sinkevičius, Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania, commented on the holding decision : “This re-organization will be beneficial to the state in economic terms due to facilitation of efforts to improve operating efficiency of the companies falling within the remit of the ministry. In addition, it will help achieve better return on invested capital. The creation of a group of transport companies, which will be fully controlled by a state-owned public company, will help reduce general and administrative costs and remove function overlaps.”

Source: Baltic Transport Journal

Euronext has selected Eurotunnel to join the new version of the Low Carbon 100 Europe® index

This month, the  Eurotunnel Group celebrated the 25th anniversary of the first ever junction under the Channel. That first connection between the British Isles and continental Europe has since become the vital link that we know today.

On the occasion of the United Nations conference on climate change in Paris from this month, Euronext has also announced that it has selected Eurotunnel to join the new version of the Low Carbon 100 Europe® index.  Since the inauguration of its commercial service, le Shuttle, Eurotunnel has been able to save almost 3.4 million tonnes of CO2, compared to ferry travel and, since 2006, Eurotunnel has also reduced its carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions by 55%. Therefore, this decision is seen by the company as a reward for 25 years of continuous commitment to actions in support of the environment.

The index measures the performance of the 100 largest companies in Europe with the lowest levels of Carbon emissions in their sector. The selection is made following a in depth evaluation of the Carbon footprint of each company and is made by a Scientific Committee composed of experts from NGOs, public bodies and the financial sector.


A new concept vehicle by Iveco

Due to Logistics Management Solutions participation at the 15th International Fair Trade from Munchen, we had the opportunity to take part to the presentation of what we consider to be a great potential concept vehicle for a house expedition.

Iveco has presented its innovation project with a view to the transport of the future: Iveco Vision. The product consists of a fully-equipped, efficient and profitable delivery van that provides professionals with effective business solutions and is, in the same time, eco-friendly.

The largest container ship in the world!

MSC Oscar

Along time, it was not at all hard for the specialists in transports to realise that the price of the transport becomes smaller once the container ship becomes larger. 

The big transport companies speculated immediately the need and as a consequence, after while no later than November last year was launched the biggest container ship (CSCL Globe),  in January this year it was already established a new record in the naval transport field, MSC Oscar becoming world’s largest container ship, with a capacity of 19 224 TEU (20-foot equivalent unit). TEU is a rather inexact measurement of the cargo capacity usually used to describe the capacity of naval containers and it’s based on a volume of 6,1 m (20 foot) length and 2,44 m (8 foot) width, under the form of an intermodal container. 

I-Shift Dual Clutch: innovation for comfort and safety!

Inspired by the racing world, Volvo Trucks introduces a premiere in the trucks industry: the new gearbox I-Shift Dual Clutch. We are talking about a new system, which stays out in the crowd through new features, but it is, in the same time, tested at large in millions of kilometres and day-to-day driving conditions. 

Practically, I-Shift Dual Clutch is an automatised gearbox with double clutch. With this solution the truck maintains its constant flux of speed and power during power shifting, moving efficiently and smoothly on the road. The result is a more comfortable, sure and efficient drive!

The General Transport Master Plan was approved!

The General Transport Master Plan, published on the website of the Minister of Transport, is a document concerning the strategic development of transport infrastructure. It presents and offers the justification of the projects to be included in the Large Infrastructure Operational Programme 2014-2020, for financing from structural funds, as well as for projects included in Connecting Europe Facility Mechanism. Moreover, the General Transport Master Plan will offer the basis for projects that will be implemented after 2020, even though the precise nature of the financing programmes after this year is not yet defined.